The High Commissioner

Rwanda_High_Commission-320May I offer my warmest greetings to all clients, friends of Rwanda, Rwandans and partners living in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh; and esteemed visitors of this website.

We endeavored to make this website informative and user friendly providing information about Rwanda and activities of this High Commission in its pursuit to enhance the already excellent bilateral relations with India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Important government and non-government links in Rwanda are also available on this website.

With the help of information communication technology, we are pursuing economic diplomacy by providing up to date information on trade and investment opportunities available in Rwanda through this website. We have also designed this website to be as much helpful as possible when it comes to consular requirements.

I encourage all students and other Rwandan citizens in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to register with the High Commission. Registration with the High Commission eases access of consular services and enables you to optimally benefit enjoy the services we offer our citizens abroad.

We strive to make this site a virtual Rwanda in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh encompassing all important aspects of Rwanda life including; government, political, social, cultural and economic aspects as well as our linkages to the countries we are accredited to.

We welcome your constructive comments and suggestions to make our website more user-friendly and an effective vehicle for forging a good interface between Rwanda, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

I thank you for visiting our website and also for your interest in Rwanda.

Ernest Rwamucyo High Commissioner